We are very happy to receive the following report from the head of the Academy.  As you will see, the excellence of the teaching and leadership has been shown once again.  Very well done to all those involved with this excellent result.


Hello everyone, I’m here to inform you that our school has been highly recognized again in the district.  There was a quiz and debate competition for all the secondary schools across the district both the JSS and the SSS.  In this competition, two participants were asked to represent each school with 25 supporters and a teacher to accompany them at the District Council Hall.


For our school, one pupil from JSS one was selected and the other from JSS two.  For all the JSS schools in the district, the KIK pupil won the best individual award, beating all the giant schools having over 1,000,000 children.  In terms of the school award, we came third because one of our kids missed a spelling and he was dismissed from the competition.  But I can tell you our name has been sounded again in the district.

The person who won the individual award from our school got a million Leones, as you can see from the photo below.


I’m really happy for this as a leader doing everything possible to put the school on the map.  I want to thank my children, my hard working teachers, and most especially you the trustees both home and abroad for your endless support.  Without your support most of this dream wouldn’t be possible.