Fundraising – our Lifeblood

Fundraising Is Vital 

As a charity, Kids in Kailahun depends on the generous donations made by individuals and organisations.  Fundraising is one way that everyone can get involved to help KIK support the people of Kailahun.

As time goes by, the KIK team organises various fundraising events such as charity auctions, Indian meals, ceilidhs, etc.  Any current KIK events are shown on our News and/or Facebook pages.  But please don’t wait for KIK to organise something, as there are lots of interesting and enjoyable ways for you to raise money for the KIK cause, through friends, family, church, social groups, or your workplace – see here for a printable list of  suggestions, or scroll down to view. is useful 

Fundraising can be lots of fun and extremely rewarding, so why not get involved today and make a difference? 

If you do decide to fundraise for KIK, then please contact us to let us know what you are doing.  

Setting up a page can make it easier for friends and family to donate to your event, and they can also add Gift Aid to their donation.  To set up a donation page, please click this link and click on ‘Create a fundraising page’.

Once you have raised funds, please forward to KIK by any of the means mentioned on our ‘Donate’ page.

Fundraising for KIK – suggestions

Fundraising can be lots of fun and extremely rewarding, so why not get involved today and make a difference?  Don’t be afraid to ask people to help.  Tell them about KIK and the good work that we do.  Above all, be enthusiastic!

Here are some thoughts to get you going:

Events – you could hold one every couple of months

– Hold an auction night – auction things that people donate or services that they may offer.
– Have a theme night, eg an African night, with typical food, entertainment, decorations etc.
– Put on a talent show, or a night with music and food.  Get people to donate food, and musicians to play for free.
– Invite your friends for lunch or dinner, and make a charge for the event.
– Cake sale – everyone brings a cake and buys a cake.
– Bring and buy sale.
– A music evening with a collection.
– Barn dance/ ceilidh or other theme – 60s, 70s, 80s, etc.
– Car boot sale.
– Table top sale.
– Quiz evening.
– Fashion show.
– BBQ.
– Jumble sale.
– Design & Make – then sell cards, bookmarks, recipe books.
– 5-a side football match.
– Fancy dress party.

Sponsored Events

– Run/Walk
– Cycle ride
– Climbing / Swimming
– Silence!!
– Whatever people are prepared to do.

Get others Involved

– Groups you are involved in.
– Local Schools.
– Local workplaces.
– Newspapers, radio stations.
– Other charities may want to help.
– Local shops can help with publicity and may sponsor you.
– Friends & family – ask them to donate £1 per week to KIK.
– Organise a team of fundraisers to help you