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The projects that we undertake are an integral part of our work in the areas of Education, Health Care, and Community Development, and are therefore described within those sections of this website.  You can read about them by following the links below.

  • Rebuilding the Methodist Primary School – 2008
  • Peace Workshop for ex-child soldiers – 2008
  • Participatory Appraisal Exercise – 2011
  • Links with local hospitals – continuing
  • Teacher Training – continuing
  • Water Filtration Kits in local hospitals and schools – continuing
  • Building and opening the KIK Academy – 2015/2017

However, there are some projects that are relatively free-standing, or that cross boundaries, and these are described below.

Fandu Foster Home

This Foster Home looks after a number of children in Fandu village at the foot of Mount Mamba in the Kailahun District.

KIK was asked by Aiysha, the founder of the home, to help with a new building for the children to live in.  The project was completed in 2013, when it was also agreed that the children would come onto the KIK programme.

During our March 2014 trip, Aiysha sadly passed away, since when KIK has run the Foster Home.  The children in the home are now fully integrated into the KIK programme.

KIK has since provided bunk beds for the children, which – after sleeping 5 to a bed – is amazing. 

There are now 8 children living at Fandu.

Kailahun Library

During our visit to Kailahun in January 2011, Paramount Chief Banya took us to visit the Kailahun Town Library.

As you can see, the library was extremely short of resources.  We therefore decided to send over some books to stock the library, and in October 2011 a full container complete of books was shipped. 


During the February 2012 trip we attended an official handing over ceremony of all the books that were sent.  It is fantastic when you see first hand the massive difference our efforts here in the UK make.

Thank you to everybody who supported this project, both in supplying books and storing and packing them ready for shipping.