In memory of Lisa Seasman, the KIK board of trustees have created the Moma Seas Scholarships.  Lisa was a great supporter of KIK and of the KIK motto ‘Learn to Serve’, which means that beneficiaries who have been funded for higher education courses agree to return to KIK in some capacity to support other beneficiaries.

The featured photograph is of Winston Baimba Sellu, one of our earliest beneficiaries, who is now a qualified nurse, in country KIK trustee  and now KIK’s Director in Sierra Leone.

Beneficiaries who are currently  being supported through Moma Seas scholarships are Sahr Charles, who has just finished the first year of Public Health Studies at university, and Nancy Ansumna, who is in the third year of her teacher training course.

Also supported by KIK, but who has now completed his studies, is Sellu Nijawa.  He is now a qualified teacher working in the KIK Academy as a teacher and the school bursar.

We hope and believe that many more beneficiaries will be helped by Moma Seas scholarships, thus continuing Lisa’s past support for KIK well into the future.