The latest KIK Trustees’ Report to the Charity Commissioners covers the extended period between April 2020–December 2021 and clearly shows the excellent results achieved through the hard work and diligence of all those wonderful people involved with KIK at every level.

The most recent and most obvious result is the purchase of 6 new laptops and a laser printer for the school, together with the appointment of a new IT teacher.  These improvements have been funded from the Gift Aid arising from sponsors’ donations, to whom we are really grateful for their continuing and vital support.

Other important aspects of the report are set out below:

  • There are now 100 children on the KIK programme, for whom KIK provides uniforms and school fees, as well as free lunches for all children in the primary school.
  • The school has now been fully operational for 4 years and has maintained a good standard of education, reflected in the excellent examination results.  This success has been recognised by the SL Government, who now pay the Principal’s salary and also contributes to the running costs of the school.  It is hoped that in this academic year the Government will also pay the the salaries of the remaining teachers.
  • One of the older beneficiaries – currently on the teachers’ distance learning course for economics – has taken over the role of school bursar, which will meet the requirement of the Government.
  • KIK now employ 12 teachers and 4 older children from the programme, who are acting as Teaching Assistants.
  • A further 8 full time local people are on the KIK payroll, and this is likely to increase as the land is developed further towards sustainability.  To accelerate this move, a beneficiary is now being sponsored to attend the GTI college to undertake studies in agriculture.
  • Five male children who require KIK support due to being at high risk of abuse are now living on site.

Once again, the KIK Trustees extend their heartfelt thanks to all those involved with KIK, and would ask that everyone spreads the word, to encourage more sponsorship and donations to this excellent cause.