We are delighted to report the official opening of the KIK Academy – the culmination of years of generosity and hard work.  The day began with a march by the children, accompanied by the Kailahun Brass Band, from the Courthouse to the KIK House on Morfindor Road.  Transport was then used to take everyone to the KIK land.

The Chairman for the day was our very good friend Mr Foday Sankoh of OnLime, with the official opening being performed by the Right Honourable Navo Kaikai MP.  There was representation from the local council, police, army, district social welfare, and the district education department.  In total, over 250 people attended this brilliant event, including KIK children who are now in Kenema, and Dr Sam Banya, who pledged his willingness to return to Kailahun to serve the community.  The UK KIK team present were Lorraine Goldsbrough, Sharon Davies, Chris McDonagh, Geraldine Kearney, Angela Cowgill, and Susan Mustapher.

The children provided a number of entertainment items, including cultural dancing, and a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable time was had by all, as you can see below.


At the end of the day, the children were presented with new school bags, generously provided by our sponsor schools Waddington & West Bradford (Clitheroe) and Oakleigh House (Swansea) – see below.