On 29 October 2020, a very successful parent/teacher meeting was held in the Academy premises.

Principal Mr Timothy Sellu reported an enrolled total of 136 pupils, spread over pre-school (10), primary (85), and junior secondary (41).   He explained that the Academy has received good support from the Ministry of Education for pupils in all sectors, for example each primary pupil received two exercise books, pencils, sharpeners, pens, and plastic files.  He also congratulated the parents for giving up their time to attend the meeting, as the success of any child is in the hands of the parents.

As you know, the academy also has an important agricultural aspect, aiming at self-sufficiency.  Cassava, bananas, plantains and  rice are all grown on the Academy land.  The recent rice harvest produced an excellent total of 3.2 tonnes, the harvesting being very labour-intensive, as the pictures below show.  A number of parents assisted with the harvesting, though greater assistance in this activity was requested for the future, a call that was well received.

Finally, thanks were expressed to the management and staff of KIK for their good work in the institution, and to the teachers for all their hard work in support of the children.